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About Us

We are a small cottage garden nursery situated in the NSW South Coast town of Nowra.

I’m Mim, my role is to propagate all of the many plants we grow and sell. I have a passion for collecting and propagating – it has been suggested that it may actually be an obsession!

Ned, who manages the office side, processes orders, answers emails, takes the photos, purchases all of the propagation materials, also does much of the heavy work. He’s great at the constant job of moving trays of plants. His training as a conservation architect has led to our deep interest in conserving many of the old fashioned perennials which are slowly sinking into oblivion as well as a host of the more hard to find perennials.

We’re fortunate to be able to choose to grow the plants which appeal to us.

Artemisias, achilleas, geraniums (cranesbills), geums, salvias, penstemons, pinks and buddlejas are particular favourites.

Yellow House Heritage Perennials had its genesis in our love of perennial plants. We have been collecting perennials from old gardens for many years and have established a number of gardens, few
of which now survive. We appreciate many of the plants our grandparents had in their gardens (they have a simplicity which many modern hybrids have lost). However many of these plants have become rare and we realised that the only way to conserve them was to propagate and distribute them as widely as possible.

We are members of the Australian Garden History Society and the Garden Plant Conservation Association of Australia. We also belong to the RHS, the Alpine Garden Society (UK) and the Hardy Plant Society (UK).

We have participated in Open Gardens Australia, providing a range of potted plants for sale as part of our open garden. This inevitably led to the establishment of Yellow House Heritage Perennials so that we can share our plants with an even wider group of gardeners.

Now that the open gardens scheme has ceased, there is a new website which is providing a service to garden owners and visitors.