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We're off to the Collectors Plant Fair, hope to see you there!

It is a rare experience today to actually meet the people who grow the plants you are buying.

This is where fairs like the Collectors Plant Fair become vital as we become more and more divorced from nature and start to believe that plants only come from superstores, thus limiting us to their plant choices.

I think we gardeners are naturally rebellious and don't like to be dictated to about what we should or should not grow. Well, this is your day to be totally spoilt for choice. The Collectors Plant Fair ( fulfils a different role from the more usual garden show. It was set up some 12 years ago by the brave and indomitable Peta and Peter Traher to be a venue for the small specialist nurseries.

We are the people who grow the plants we're passionate about, with only a few assistants. We grow plants you may never see anywhere else, plants for the addicted collectors of a particular genus, plants for those who would like a garden filled with the pretty, the unusual and the often more vigorous and hardy plants of yesteryear.

Looking forward to the Collectors Plant Fair and the smorgasbord of plant species on offer? So are we. This is an opportunity for us to share with you some of our rarities, plants which are slow or difficult to propagate, and many we never have enough of to list on our website. Some we may ever have only a few available. This is your chance to fossick through the odd bods of our collection and maybe find a plant you've been seeking. I think we all enjoy sharing our plants and our knowledge, being able to rave on all day until our mouths are dry and our brains awhirl on our favourite subject - what a luxury!

At 5am on a cold winter's morning events such as this help sustain us when often the rest of the world reckons we're totally off our tree!!

Here's hoping it's a fun filled day for you,

Happy gardening, Mim

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