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Autumn Newsletter

I have a confession to make I think
I'm a plantaholic, rarely content with one or two of a species I like, I want more of them, many more. I come from a family of collectors, with my Dad it was pocket watches, my brother amassed different breeds of poultry and ancient Citroens, while my Mum looked after us, cast a calm understanding eye over us and quietly read...... Fortunately many of you seem to suffer from the same collecting bug as
me and love to seek out unusual plants not normally available in your local

For the past year I've been adding to my collection of Geums, Geraniums (Cranesbills), Phlomis, Achilleas and the old fashioned Dianthus known as Clove Pinks due to their delightful perfume, a number of these will be back on the website in spring.

A new range is available of Francoa's known as Bridal Wreath as they produce tall wands of white, light or deep pink flowers. They are lovely for dry shade something always difficult to find a plant for.

Geums I'm particularly fond of, finding them easy adaptable plants. The collection has grown considerably in the last few years, many grown from seed I've imported as well as a few of my own cultivars. As for Geraniums I now have so many I think I am a wee bit out of control (where is that restraint gene when I need it?).

As a small cottage garden nursery, I think I've now gone a bit overboard, as along with my many collections there are also all the other plants I love and grow. Oh and I forgot to mention the Aquilegias, add a few hundred of those to the mix too, their granny's bonnet flowers are always a joy.

After the loss of Ned, my husband and partner in the nursery, last October I'm slowly getting my act together, learning lots of new skills, things I never needed to know about before, or wanted to! I have received wonderful support from loyal customers, family, friends and particularly my nursery helper, Keith, who does his best to organise the nursery and keep my plant passion under control, which I know he finds challenging at times. One of the things I most admire about him is his ability to turn chaos into order and he makes great potting mix! Thank you all.

With so many small specialist nurseries disappearing we are becoming an endangered lot. Your plant purchases are keeping me afloat and my passion for collecting alive and well, and that helps me grow lots more of the rare, pretty and interesting plants that you and I love. With the cost of nursery materials constantly rising I regularly reflect on the price of plants in comparison with the price of a bunch of flowers or a bottle of wine, and the years of pleasure a beautiful plant can bring.

Till next time

Happy gardening (and collecting plants!)


P.S. We had time out recently for a visit to the movies to see ‘Peter Rabbit’ it
features lots of our plants, particularly in Bea’s garden which was a thrill!

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