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Spring Newsletter

Spring is definitely in the air, my plants are telling me so, lots of little green leaves popping through, though many are still having a winter slumber.

The poly tunnel is having with lots of cuttings ready to pot up and seeds sprouting, even though today I’ve been driven inside as it’s cold and rainy and my fingers were going numb in the potting mix! (yes it’s really raining at last).

The Yellow House nursery and garden have been going through a big clean out, clean up and chuck out, I know it sounds a bit brutal, but with little room I have to sometimes cast sentiment aside and discard a plant which is not performing well. I’m proud to say I’m getting more ruthless!

New plants and old favourites are constantly appearing on the website, sometimes selling out in a few days, if you wonder why they disappear.

Geraniums (Cranebills) have proved popular and are some are already sold out, many of the lovely blue one are herbaceous and are still underground so you will have to wait a little while for those.

Geums are starting to multiply with the odd flower already appearing. They do well here and don’t seem to mind our coastal humidity.

Francoa’s new to many of us are performing well, I’ve tried them in a number of spots in the garden, dry shade, part shade, forgot to water, nothing seems to bother them except full sun and wet feet, something in our present climate we don’t have to worry much about. They are lovely with big slightly hairy lobed heaves, some of which are tinged with red. Its common name ‘Bridal Wreath’ is apt as its tall flower stems are packed with flowers. We have a range of cultivars in white, deep and pale pink. We imported seed from the UK a few years ago of all the different ones we could find and they are proving quite successful as long as they have dryish shade, certainly a plant worth giving a go.

The gardens here have been ripped asunder with ute loads off to the tip, the criteria being too big, too sprawly, in the wrong place, slow to perform or maybe I just got a bit bored with it. It’s so exciting to see a whole naked flower bed just waiting to be planted. However, now they’re planted they look a bit sad and naked still, though
I know warmer weather and time will fix that.

I’ve planted lots of old heritage type Iris germanicas that is the pre 1960’s ones which is when the big frilly flared fall types appeared. I much prefer the simpler old ones and have over the years acquired lots in different colours. I do hope they like their new home.

I now have some of the lovely Iris pallida going on the website soon, though not in large
quantities. The old fashioned ‘pinks’ (Dianthus) will also be back soon, who could resist their names, ie Mrs Sinkins, Earl of Essex, Valda Wyatt, Doris, Haytors White, Grans favourite, Pheasants Eye, etc. There are in danger of vanishing into obscurity. Many of
mine came from Judyth McLeods’ ‘Honeysuckle Cottage’ nursery now like many
closed due to her death. Fortunately there are enough passionate gardeners around to keep many of the old species and cultivars hanging on.

I’m told I’m plant obsessed, oh well, it seems to be there are worse things I could be.

Thank you for all the wonderful support the nursery receives.

Til next time.

Happy Gardening


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