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Plants starting with B


Brillantaisia ulugurica

Brillantaisia ulugurica ($12.00 - Available)

A fast growing shrub with lush heavily veined leaves. Showy purple flowers like a salvia on steroids. Plant in a position shaded from the sun. Frost tender.... more

Buddleja madagascariensis

Buddleja madagascariensis ($14.00 - Available)

Long clusters of tubular yellow orange flowers, dark green leaves white underside on long arching canes. Good against a wall. Glorious honey perfume wafts... more

Buddleja 'Royal Red'

Buddleja 'Royal Red' ($14.00 - Available)

Fat candles of cardinal red blooms in spring and summer on a strong growing bush, a showy fabulous plant for bees, butterflies and birds. Prune in late... more