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Plants starting with D


Dianthus carthusianorum

Dianthus carthusianorum ($10.00 - Available)

A beautiful grass "pink" with multi headed clusters of brilliant pink single flowers. Reputed to have grown in medieval monasteries. Trim back after flowering.... more

Dianthus 'Doris'

Dianthus 'Doris' ($10.00 - Available)

Pale salmon pink with a deeper pink eye, repeat flowering through the warmer months. Fragrant, hardy. Sun 30cm h X 50cm w more

Dianthus 'Earl of Essex'

Dianthus 'Earl of Essex' ($10.00 - Available)

An ancient one! Pinkish mauve double, deeply fringed flowers with split calyx. One of the most fragrant varieties, sometimes known as pink Mrs Sinkins.... more

Dicliptera suberecta 'Uruguayan Firecracker Plant'

Dicliptera suberecta 'Uruguayan Firecracker Plant' ($10.00 - Available)

Striking flame red tubular flowers on felted grey green leaves. This beauty is extremely tough and versatile, great for an impossibly dry spot but will... more

Digitalis minor var. palaui 'Mallorca Foxglove'

Digitalis minor var. palaui 'Mallorca Foxglove' ($12.00 - Available)

This rare perennial, the tiniest of all foxgloves, is from the Balearic Islands. Forms a basal rosette of narrow textured leaves with a short branching... more

Digitalis purpurea albiflora 'White Foxglove'

Digitalis purpurea albiflora 'White Foxglove' ($10.00 - Available)

Tall beautiful spires of pure white thimble shaped flowers with no throat markings rise from a large rosette of textured leaves. Rare and unusual. Sun/semi... more

Digitalis thapsi 'Spanish Foxglove'

Digitalis thapsi 'Spanish Foxglove' ($10.00 - Available)

Downy lanceolate leaves, spires of pendulous sugar pink flowers on a compact plant of branching habit. A perennial foxglove native to the Mediterranean.... more

Disporopsis pernyi

Disporopsis pernyi ($12.50 - Available)

Lemon scented white bells with green tips on graceful stems in spring, glossy dark lance shaped leaves. In very short supply. Moist shade 30cm h X 20cm... more