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Plants starting with E


Eomecon chionantha 'Snow Poppy'

Eomecon chionantha 'Snow Poppy' ($10.00 - Available)

Small lovely white flowers rise above handsome grey green leaves. A useful plant for a shady moist spot – it does spread so give it sufficient room.... more

Epilobium canum syn zauschneria 'Californian Fuchsia'

Epilobium canum syn zauschneria 'Californian Fuchsia' ($12.00 - Available)

This very hardy shrub has lovely soft red tubular flowers during the warmer months, complemented by its narrow silver grey leaves. A wonderful frost hardy... more

Erysimum mutabile  Lemon Delicious

Erysimum mutabile Lemon Delicious ($10.00 - Available)

Clusters of lemon flowers fading to cream top this lovely wallflower, narrow grey green leaves on a stout little hardy shrub. I found this one in an old... more