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Plants starting with E


Epilobium canum syn zauschneria 'Californian Fuchsia'

Epilobium canum syn zauschneria 'Californian Fuchsia' ($10.00 - Available)

A wonderful shrubby plant for a dry sunny spot. Narrow silver grey leaves complement its soft red tubular flowers, which are produced in profusion all... more

Erigeron annuus 'Eastern Daisy'

Erigeron annuus 'Eastern Daisy' ($9.00 - Available)

Tall stems covered with a sparkling froth of small white daisies through summer and autumn emerge from a neat tuft of edible leaves. A native the USA,... more

Eryngium amethystinum 'Amethyst Sea Holly'

Eryngium amethystinum 'Amethyst Sea Holly' ($10.00 - Available)

Tall branching stems of prickly steel blue flowers, tolerant of dry and seaside conditions, rabbit resistant; attracts butterflies and is a stunning cut... more

Eryngium planum 'White Glitter'

Eryngium planum 'White Glitter' ($9.00 - Available)

A hardy perennial with long, sturdy stems. Tolerates hot, sunny locations, produce flowers during the second year and in subsequent years. Attracts bees,... more

Erysimum 'Bowles Mauve'

Erysimum 'Bowles Mauve' ($9.00 - Available)

Produces masses of small mauve purple flowers on a dense little bush in early spring. Sun 45cm h X 40cm w more

Erysimum mutabile 'Winter Wallflower'

Erysimum mutabile 'Winter Wallflower' ($9.00 - Available)

A species from the Aegean long known in the UK as the changeable wallflower due to the petals changing from mauve to cream and buff. This is an old cottage... more

Erysimum mutabilie 'Dwarf Wallflower'

Erysimum mutabilie 'Dwarf Wallflower' ($10.00 - Available)

A perennial dwarf wallflower, with a rare an unusual combination of lavender and brownish cream. A neat little shrub. Sun 50cm h X 40cm w more