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Plants starting with E


Erigeron annuus 'Eastern Daisy'

Erigeron annuus 'Eastern Daisy' ($9.00 - Available)

Tall stems covered with a sparkling froth of small white daisies through summer and autumn emerge from a neat tuft of edible leaves. A native the USA,... more

Erigeron 'The Quakeress'

Erigeron 'The Quakeress' ($9.00 - Available)

Masses of palest pink daises, single fringed petals on tall stems, slender lance shaped leaves. An old cultivar of great charm and a good cut flower. One... more

Eryngium alpinum 'Alpine Sea Holly'

Eryngium alpinum 'Alpine Sea Holly' ($9.00 - Available)

Narrow leaves, metallic stems of large thistle like flowers of intense blue, one of the showiest varieties and an excellent cut flower. Hardy, full sun... more

Eryngium planum 'White Glitter'

Eryngium planum 'White Glitter' ($9.00 - Available)

A hardy perennial with long, sturdy stems. Tolerates hot, sunny locations, produce flowers during the second year and in subsequent years. Attracts bees,... more

Eupatorium maculatum (Syn. Eutrochium) 'Gateway'

Eupatorium maculatum (Syn. Eutrochium) 'Gateway' ($14.00 - Available)

Striking big densely packed clusters of pinkish mauve flowers, attractive from bud to ornamental seed heads. ‘Gateway’ is more compact and bushier... more

Euphorbia characias wulfenii

Euphorbia characias wulfenii ($10.00 - Available)

A lovely perennial small bush, narrow grey green leaves and dense mop flower heads of electric lime green. A native of the Mediterranean so copes with... more