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Plants starting with K


Kerria japonica

Kerria japonica ($12.00 - Available)

The very rare single golden flowered species, like a single rose in appearance, borne on long branching graceful twigs. Sun/part shade 1.2m h X 75cm w more

Knautia arvensis 'Blue Buttons'

Knautia arvensis 'Blue Buttons' ($10.00 - Available)

Bluish lilac flowers in small globed heads are carried on tall wand like greyish purple stems rising from a clump of grey green deeply cut leaves. Flowers... more

Kniphofia 'Bressingham Comet'

Kniphofia 'Bressingham Comet' ($10.00 - Available)

Deep apricot and soft lemon torches on slender stems with fine grass-like leaves, it’s an altogether daintier kniphofia. Long blooming and drought tolerant... more