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Penstemon digitalis

Penstemon digitalis ($10.00 - Available)

A hardy species native to Missouri. Produces panicles of white tubular flowers on tall stems which rise from a rosette of narrow basal leaves in early... more

Penstemon 'Huskers Red'

Penstemon 'Huskers Red' ($10.00 - Available)

Beautiful leaves flushed ruby and purple. Panicles of pale pinkish white flowers in summer. Hardy. Sun/ semi shade 60cm h X 40cm w more

Penstemon tubaeflorus 'Tube Beardtongue'

Penstemon tubaeflorus 'Tube Beardtongue' ($10.00 - Available)

Grows in a clump of small narrow lance shaped foliage, produces stems of white trumpet shaped flowers in summer. Called Beardtongue because the sterile... more