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Salvia africana lutea 'African Sage' <i>(formerly known as S. aurea)</i>

Salvia africana lutea 'African Sage' (formerly known as S. aurea) ($10.00 - Available)

Small silvery fragrant leaves, large showy rust coloured flowers from early summer to autumn. Useful for the back of a border where it can spread a little.... more

Salvia aurita var. galpinii

Salvia aurita var. galpinii ($10.00 - Available)

Narrow tubular bluish white flowers, soft incised lime green leaves. Forms a dense little bush. Easy to grow. Sun/semi shade 50cm h X 60cm w more

Salvia Blue Cloud' <i>(Salvia pallida)</i>

Salvia Blue Cloud' (Salvia pallida) ($10.00 - Available)

Glorious soft blue flowers with a throat delicately striped with white, top tall narrow graceful stems. A hardy South American native. Sun_part shade 120cm... more

Salvia buchanii

Salvia buchanii ($10.00 - Available)

Attractive large glossy leaves, sprays of brilliant cerise flowers on handy small bush summer and autumn. Hardy. Sun/ part shade 40cm h X 30cm w more

Salvia chiapensis

Salvia chiapensis ($10.00 - Available)

Long arching wands of magenta flowers, shiny bright green leaves. Hardy and flowers all summer long. Sun/semi shade 50cm h X 40cm w more

Salvia gravida

Salvia gravida ($10.00 - Available)

Another gorgeous big one from Mexico. Large rich magenta flowers hang from arching stems. Rabbit resistant. Hardy but frost tender. Sun/semi shade 1.8m... more

Salvia involucrata x karwinskii 'Winter Red'

Salvia involucrata x karwinskii 'Winter Red' ($10.00 - Available)

Sage green leaves on tall pinkish mauve stems contrast with the rich coral red flowers in winter. One for the honeyeaters and a real show stopper. Sun/semi... more

Salvia karwinskii

Salvia karwinskii ($10.00 - Available)

A large shrubby salvia from Honduras, good for the back of the border. Soft grey green leaves offset the dusky coral pink flowers. Prune after flowering.... more

Salvia 'Magenta Magic'

Salvia 'Magenta Magic' ($10.00 - Available)

A hardy Australian hybrid from Tasmania. It carries wands of deep magenta flowers all through the warmer months on a shrub similar to S 'Waverly'.... more

Salvia 'Marine Blue'

Salvia 'Marine Blue' ($10.00 - Available)

Blue grey sage textured leaves, sprays of deep clear blue flowers on a small neat shrub, summer to autumn. Provide a well mulched soil. Sun/part shade... more

Salvia microphylla 'Musk Pink'

Salvia microphylla 'Musk Pink' ($10.00 - Available)

Pale pink flowers, little glossy leaves on a small twiggy shrub. Covered in flowers summer to autumn, a useful addition to a cottage garden border. Hardy.... more

Salvia transsylvanica 'Blue Spire'

Salvia transsylvanica 'Blue Spire' ($12.00 - Available)

Deep blue violet flowers on lax stems rise from a low growing clump of grey green scalloped leaves. A native of the Mountainous areas of central Romania.... more

Salvia van houttii

Salvia van houttii ($10.00 - Available)

Flowers and calyces shades of glowing maroon. A loose shrubby perennial which flowers all through the warmer months. Best in part shade, frost tender.... more