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When plants will arrive

We do our best to post plants via Australia Post in 10 working days of receiving orders. At busy times please allow two to three weeks. With  the enormous interest in gardening and demand for plants since the emergence of COVID-19 some orders can be delayed.

When we are experiencing heat wave conditions or other extreme weather events, we would prefer to reserve your plants for you and post when the weather is a little kinder. In the summer months we do not send plants by mail at all. 

How plants are packaged and sent

Delivery is by mail, or you may pick them up all year round potted from the nursery, by appointment.

We find Australia Post very efficient and orders are usually delivered within a few days.  Orders to country areas of S.A., Vic, and Qld take about a week to process. Please notify us if you are going to be away so we can ensure that they arrive when you are at home.

Our plants are guaranteed to arrive in good condition. If you are not satisfied with your plants please notify us within seven days. We love to receive feedback, positive or negative. We will do our best to rectify any problems you may have with an order.

For mail order, all plants are bare rooted and packed in a special moisture retentive mixture, tagged and placed in a piece of plastic lined paper, then carefully packed in layers of straw. With bare rooted plants, we can ensure a stronger plant as the larger pots we use for growing allow the plant to grow to greater maturity. There is less risk of soil borne diseases and in the interests of the environment there are no plastic pots and accessories to dispose of. The packages also weigh less without pots and soil, costing less to post.

Your plants should be planted as soon as possible after you receive them, preferably in their permanent spot in the garden, if you need to pot them for a while please buy the best potting mix you can find as some are really awful.

Unfortunately, we are unable to send plants to Western Australia or Tasmania due to quarantine requirements.

How to order and pay for your plants

Credit cards (Visa, MasterCard) and PayPal are accepted on line and payments are processed through Stripe. If you would like to pay by credit card over the phone or by direct deposit please contact us.

Shipping costs

We use the Australia Post flat shipping rates for our postage up to 5 kilos.

1 plant: $9.70 (Up to 500g)

2 –5 plants: $13.25 (500g to 1kg)

6–10 plants: $16.65 (1kg to 3kg)

11–20 plants: $20.50 (3kg to 5kg)

20 – 30 plants: 25.50 (5kg plus)

For over 30 plants please contact us to discuss shipping options

Visiting the nursery

Yellow House Heritage Perennials is open by appointment most of the year. Please call Mim on 0417 433 357 to make an appointment.

Our sustainability practices

We prefer to use natural methods where possible, adhering to the belief that plants really do want to live and given the right care and attention will do their best. We never use any herbicides on the property or nursery, sure we get some weeds, however I believe weeds seldom kill plants nearly as often as people do. We make all our own potting mixes so we know what’s in them and can adapt them as needed for a particular plant species.

We do our best to use as little plastic as possible, for posted orders we use a small amount to keep the plants moist in transit.

Planting tips

Water, compost and mulch are for me the holy grail for successful gardening, bearing in mind over watering can be more detrimental than the lack of it, scratch around the plant and check how dry the soil is if you’re concerned.

When planting in dry weather I recommend when you dig a hole check if the soil is moist before you plant if not fill it with water first.

How plants are grown

We grow strong healthy hardy plants. Our plants are mostly grown in 100 and 125mm pots to ensure a well developed root system.

The plants we send out are well established and can safely be planted in the ground. They are not newly rooted cuttings or old root bound plants.

Winter planting in our coastal areas is quite successful, though we recommend spring planting in colder areas.

The climate our plants grow in

Our climate is coastal (15 km from the sea), frost free and our coldest winter temperature is about 5⁰. Our summer temperatures are occasionally in the 40s, usually in the 30s, with high summer humidity. Previously we lived in an area which was colder with some quite heavy frosts at times.

Where plants are known by us to be frost tender, we have noted in our catalogue. Most will recover well if cut back – we recommend growing frost tender plants near a wall or protected location, mulch also helps keep soil warm.

What our customers say

“Thank you so much, the plants are very healthy and happy.”
“I was over the moon with the healthy plants – thank you!”
“All plants arrived in great condition, the packaging on the plants is great – love the straw.”
“The plants arrived and look great. Thank you for packing them so carefully.”
"Thank you once again for such healthy good size plants, I am so happy with all the plants I have bought from Yellow House."

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